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Timber frame is currently the most popular construction method, delivering faster construction times and an effortless way to achieve Levels 3 to 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. By using timber within the fabric of a building you can reduce energy consumption through improved thermal performance, air tightness and better insulation. By using timber frame you can achieve a greater return on investment, whilst increasing your home’s appeal to design and environmentally conscious buyers in the future. Think Fabric First.


  • Over 90% of the wood used comes from European forests
  • Wood is effectively a carbon-neutral material (even allowing for transport), and timber frame has the lowest CO² cost of any commercially available building material
  • The overall CO² emissions for timber construction (embodied CO²2) are up to six times lower than for masonry
  • Timber delivers unquestionable environmental benefits, delivering specifications in A & A+ rated categories in the CfSH

High Thermal Performance

  • A lightweight timber building can be made thermally efficient with good insulation and air tightness at minimal added cost
  • Timber has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity; requiring less insulation than other materials, such as steel frame, to achieve the same U-value
  • Achieving compliance under Code Level 6 is easier
  • Timber frame is the natural choice for achieving Levels 3 to 6 of the Code of Sustainable Homes through reduced waste and the environmental impact of materials, increased air tightness, sound insulation and increased thermal efficiency

Cost Efficiency

  • Timber frame is tried and tested, and there is an ever-increasing number of people and businesses in the UK who know how to use it
  • Contrary to the general belief the whole life costs are not significantly different between timber frame and masonry.

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