Mr and Mrs Caldwell

For over thirty years the Caldwell family had been travelling each summer from their home in Dumfries to holiday in what soon became their spiritual home at remote Ardnamurchan Point in the far north-west of the Scottish mainland.

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Now, thanks to lots of planning, hard work and the special skills of timber frame engineers, Scotframe, the Caldwells live in the custom-built timber-framed home at Ardnamurchan which Jim & Jackie describe as their little bit of heaven on earth.

"You have to remember how remote this location is," said Jim. The site on which the house was to be built is reached by 40 miles of single track road. And only certain tradesman would be prepared to work so far away from the rest of civilisation.

Jim put out the building job to tender and opted for a young local joiner, Angus MacDonald from Spean Bridge, some of whose work Jim had seen.

Angus suggested that the project would work best if he obtained the timber frame of the house from Scotframe Timber Engineering at Inverurie, a company he had worked with previously. In the event, because Ardnamurchan is on the west coast of Scotland the timber frame of the planned house was manufactured and delivered by Scotframe's Cumbernauld factory , just outside Glasgow.

Building finally got under way, with the local contractors working from a finely detailed foundation drawing provided by Scotframe to produce a base on which the frame sat perfectly. The project continued with Angus now in charge of the construction and Jim project managing - a skill not entirely new to him.

Scotframe assisted throughout the building process and also enhanced the quality of the specification, and all with minimal fuss. "They couldn't do enough to help us." The combination of high quality materials and excellent tradesmen have produced a beautiful house anyone would be proud of.

And so, having left the design details to Scotframe, Angus and his team completed the house build without a hitch.

The property, at 215 square metres, has a large pantry, specially designed, together with 2 big chest freezers, all of which are packed with food when the Caldwell's return from their monthly shopping trips. With three large roomy bedrooms, they are now visited regularly by their grown-up children and grand children

Case Study 2

We are very pleased with the quality of the house."The specification and design fully takes all our needs into account. We can use the house as a single floor bungalow if we so choose, so there is no real need to go upstairs.

"I always found that just one phone call to Scotframe on any issue would rapidly get matters sorted out, said Jim, "and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of fulfilling their self-build dream as we have.

"The combination of the house's comfort and its very remoteness gives us a sense of absolute freedom and we just love it"

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