Stick Build v Pre-Manufactured

Making The Right Choice

There are many considerations when you embark on building your dream home, but one of the most important is deciding on the build system that is to be used and making sure you have all the relevant information prior to making the decision.

You may have heard of, or possibly even have been directed towards, stick build. It is important to understand the clear differences between this method and the system you will be provided with by a Timber Frame Manufacturer such as Scotframe.

What is Stick Build?

Stick build is a term that describes timber structures that are constructed on site, usually by the builder’s or main contractor’s joiners - using hand tools. Packs of timber and sheathing board are purchased from builders’ merchants and delivered to site, where joiners construct the walls on trestles, usually on top of the foundations of the house, or in a convenient shed or barn. This may seem straightforward, but there are several fundamental differences between stick build and a modern offsite pre-manufactured solution.

To find our more, download the Stick Build v Pre-Manufactured pdf:

Stick Build v Pre-Manufactured:


Stick Build v Pre-Manufactured