• Benefits for Builders and Developers

  • Benefits for Builders and Developers

  • Benefits for Builders and Developers

  • Benefits for Builders and Developers

Benefits for Builders and Developers
If you are a builder or developer specialising in high quality structures for discerning customers, then you should be talking to us.

In the 21st century, timber frame is the most sustainable and technologically advanced form of construction. It ensures high quality, reduces overall build costs and considerably shortens the build programme.

Cost reductions are achieved through:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced time on site
  • Waste minimalisation
  • Reduced defects

Increased Financial Return
A quicker build time translates directly into quicker returns and improved financial performance for your business.

Building for the Future
There are many advantages to timber frame not least of which is its environmental credibility.

The "green" agenda now influences many aspects of our lives and we are realising that the choices we make as consumers actually make a difference to our environment. In Scotland, over 70% of all new build homes and over 85% of all self build is timber frame.

Builders, Developers, Architects and specifiers have an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of their projects and the timber frame industry itself takes a lead in making a significant contribution to sustainable construction for sustainable communities.

At Scotframe we have a strict code of practice regarding the purchase of timber to be utilised in the construction of our kits, which is described in more detail in our brochure.

We have worked together with Scotframe on various projects, from individual house designs to large private and social housing developments. We have always found their design service and end product to be of the highest standard.

Architects, Inverness

We and our clients have found Scotframe to be the market leaders in timber framed kits, providing a quality product and service.

Architects & Surveyors, Brechin