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What Digital Transformation can do for your Business

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Thursday 2nd November 2017
09:30 – 13:00

Join C2 & Microsoft in this unique seminar in Edinburgh as we explore how businesses can deliver digital transformation. The seminar will focus on how organisations can:

  • Engage Customers – see how digital transformation can improve sales, customer service and retention
  • Empower Employees – put the right information, apps and processes in the hands of staff, improving decisions and speed of execution
  • Optimise Operations – drive operational efficiency, automating processes and reducing costs
  • Transform Products – learn how organisations are building transformational technology into their products and services

In addition to articulating strategy and concepts, the seminar will include the opportunity to see through the lens of the future with the Microsoft's renowned Holo-Lens.

To reserve your place please BOOK YOUR SPACES TODAY - please note places are strictly limited. We hope that you can attend this unique event which aims to deliver insight and learning.

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